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Forum and RP Rules

Post by Yoyo on Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:20 pm

There are several rules that you must obey if you wish to RP on this site.

General Rules
  • Keep it Brotherhood : this forum is based off the manga and second anime, Brotherhood; this will not make much difference, but enough. (Note: if you have not finished reading the manga/watching Brotherhood, you are encouraged to do so in order to avoid any spoilers that may show up. If you have finished, do not intentionally reveal spoilers to those who have not.)
  • Be literate : use complete sentences, correct grammar and punctuation (as well as you know how), etc.
  • Keep it PG-13 or below : if it isn't allowed on TV, it isn't allowed here: cussing, nudity (you must be fully clothed at all times), etc.
  • Use only your characters : do not use other people's characters unless explicit permission is given.
  • Be nice : the site is at war, but that does not give you permission to be mean to someone.
  • Use past tense : all actions have happened in the past; the characters are not doing things right now.
  • Use third person limited : definition here.
  • Leave open endings : your post should never be able to be the last post ever made in the thread unless your character is leaving.
  • No god-modding : you are human and can be injured and be wrong; don't act otherwise.
  • Four to a thread : Only four people can be in a thread at a time to keep things somewhat simple; exceptions may be requested by PMing an admin
  • More rules may be added at any time.
  • You are only allowed one character.
  • If you wish to change characters, you may have your character killed; however you will loose all stats and ranks you have earned.
  • In order to get a character, you must submit one for approval in the Characters subforum here.
  • You must post a link to your character profile and their name in the Character section of your profile and/or your signature.
Usergroups and Ranks
    There are three usergroups for you to join: the Military, the Resistance, and Civilians.
  • The Military is the group joined by those who support F├╝hrer Kurt Meyer. Joining this group does not necessarily mean that you are in the military, you merely support it.
  • The Resistance is the group joined by those who support Brigadier General James Moltke. Joining this group does not necessarily mean that you are in the resistance, you merely support it.
  • Citizens are those who do not support either the Resistance or the Military.
  • Those who support the Military can hold any military job, infiltrate the resistance movement, or be hold any citizen job, supporting the military from the outside.
  • Those who support the Resistance can hold any position in the resistance, support the resistance from any position inside the military, or support the resistance from any civilian job.
  • Civilians are those who have little to no opinion on the matter concerning the Military and Resistance. They can hold any position in the military and any civilian job.



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