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Post by Zane on Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:40 am

AA Username: Mikel
Picture: (will put up as avatar when i find one)
Name: Zane
Alias/Nicknames: General
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Weight: 190
Height: 6'
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Red
Race: Amestris
Alliance: Military
Job: Information broker, but works on other dirty jobs for the military for a price.
Power/Weapon: Dagger for the most part. Rarely uses his ice alchemy.
Personality: Very quiet. But he's not moody. Doesn't like talking. Could never say no to his little sister and contrary to his appearance, he's not very serious.
Physical Description: Lean, long hair - sort of. Wears jeans and polos most of the time. Always sporting a cap, to hide his face.
History: Because the previous general had to leave for a special mission, Zane was asked to replace him for a while. When he found out that the general died, he stepped down, finding the job as general boring. After that, he left the official rankings and worked as the military's information broker (but always charging highly - too highly - for his services) outside the premises, preferring that the military personnel struggle to find him. Just for fun.
Other: Sometimes, apart from information, the military asks him to do underground jobs because of his stealth. He only accepts them when he's bored, however.


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Power: Dagger
Secondary: Ice Alchemy

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