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Eltore Machiovelli-MIA (please remove) Empty Eltore Machiovelli-MIA (please remove)

Post by Cortlen1211 on Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:03 am

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Eltore Machiovelli-MIA (please remove) Ezio
Name: Eltore ((Pronounced "El-tore-ae")) Machiovelli
Age: 23
Gender: male
Weight: 180
Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: dark blue
Race: Aerugian
Alliance: Civilian
Job: trained assassin
Power/Weapon: throwing knives, daggers, short-swords, crossbow
Personality: cool and collected, polite
Physical Description: Eltore has had severe damage to his torso around his stomach, and asked that it be covered with automail. His request was seen through.
History: His hometown has long since been destroyed, and his only good friend, Fang Anderos, is now dead. Following in his footsteps ever since Fang was 18, he eventually joined the same brotherhood. News of Anderos's death spread quickly. He was next in line to be mentor. Now, it is up to Eltore to take the place of Fang, and raise the brotherhood to glory.

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