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Post by Banouin on Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:43 pm

AA:Name Banouin
Name: Joseph
Age: 19
Gender: Male
weight: 155
Height: 6'0
Hair: Black with read highlights mixed in.
Eyes: Green
Race: Amestris.
Alliance: Resistance
Job: Sniper.
Power/weapon: Sniper rifle/Hand held pistol

Personality: Shy around people who are not his family or friends. Easy to hype up about anything. Always thinking about how/when/where he will fire his next shot of ammunition and always careful to keep an eye on how much he has left. (Even if he is to lazy to get a new round.)
Physical description: Short hair and clean shaved.

History: At a young age Joseph was taught to love the feel of guns by his father. When his father passed away years later, Joseph and his two brothers left their small home, each going their own way. Sometime later Joseph heard about the resistance and began to like what he was told. After hearing one of his brothers had joined, he did not wait another moment and joined as well.

Other: His two brothers is all the family he has. He made a few friends here and there but he moved around to much to keep them.


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Power: Sniper Rifle
Secondary: Pistol

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