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Post by Kinai on Sun Jan 30, 2011 5:00 pm

AA Username: Kinai
Picture: [optional]Avitar
Name: Kinai Takai
Alias/Nicknames: [optional]The backstabbing alchemist or the blade alchemist
Age: 17
Gender: male
Weight: 140
Height: 5'10
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazle Green
Race: Ishvalan
Alliance: Resistance
Job: Resisntance spy undercover in military
Power/Weapon: Can use alchemy to create swords off of any surface, including a sword of his own bone, though it is a last resort move.
Personality: He is a smooth talking person. He doesn't crack under pressure that is why he was assigned to go under cover and join the military. when he sets his mind to something he sticks with it. he is filled with hate and revenge for the military for the death of his family
Physical Description: He wears a sleek black robe with a tattered scarf like in avi. He also wears a armour that looks similar to bone like in avi also wears the bone looking helmet to cover his identity and hide his past
History: Kinai was born into a noble family that had a important say in the Ishvolan government. He was very young when the military occupied his city. His father and mother was part of the resistance that defiled the new military government. At a young age his father taught him alchemy and it turned out kinai was gifted with blades so as he progressed in his alchemy he devloped his special blade alchemy. One day when he was off training his parents were holding a resistance meeting his their house. The military had an undercover alchemist in the meeting and he assassinated all the resistance there. When kinai returned he found his only family dead, and he swore revenge on the military so he trained and serached for the resistance. The day he found them he joined their forces. He was quickly deployed as a spy to go undercover in the military.
Other: He only had 2 familymembers that he could remember. that was his dad and his mom and they were killed in cold blood.

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Power: Sword Alchemy
Secondary: none

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