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Post by Cortlen1211 on Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:48 pm

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Fang Anderos Jet

Name: Fang Anderos
Alias/Nicknames: The Red Wing
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Weight: 126 pounds
Height: 5'8''
Hair: White
Eyes: Pale blue-almost white
Race: He can't remember
Alliance: Civilian
Job: Mercenary
Status: KIA
Power/Weapon: One handed Machine gun, alchemy
Personality: Cold, merciless, will do anything for money
Physical Description: Despite how lanky he looks with all his clothes on, he is actually moderately strong.
History: He can't remember anything from before he was 15. Struck with amnesia, he wanders through Ibala, trying to make some money, and maybe-though he could really care less-find out about his past. All he does remember though was how to work his gun, and alchemy.
Other: His gun was custom made, and had a transmution circle engraved on it's hilt to allow alchemy on his bullets. Capable of raising the oxygen content in the air so his bullets are either incendiary or explosive, or freezing water particles around his bullets for penetrating rounds. He is efficient, and always gets paid top dollar. Or he goes on a hunt for his "employer".
To transmute the area around his bullets, Fang uses this: Transmute the end of the bullets from the gun, and create a transmutation circle. Energy flows freely at an accelerated rate between two circles, thus allowing one transmutation circle, when touched, to send energy to another nearby, without touching the second one. He can then transmute around the item in question.
Hidden History/Facts Fang Anderos is called The Red Wing for a reason.
That reason was just witnessed. Every time he does alchemy that eats away at his body he gets the Red Wing. It is also to be noted that when the Red Wing is visible, his alchemy power is increased. He will need food afterwords

The Red Wing is red because the Red Wing alchemy feeds off his blood. This was part of a native curse that his father placed on him when he was 15, that also caused the loss of his memory.

His tribe were shamans, and their lives revolved heavily around the gods and actual magic, not alchemy. It was because of this, that Fang's father could place a curse on him. It is also this reason, that the tribe was killed off.

Magic is weak against alchemy and guns. But Fang was long gone before this. He didn't have to suffer.

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