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The Story

Post by Yoyo on Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:55 pm

After the events involving the alchemists Edward and Alphonse Elric that nearly destroyed the world, the country of Amestris and her surrounding countries fell into an era of peace. All the border wars that had been going on were able to be resolved through the combined efforts of many military officials and civilians. The Ishbalan were returned to their homes and allowed to live as they wished. Peace had fallen on Amesteris’ borders as peace treaties were signed by all involved. War zones were allowed to rest in peace, some even being restored through the efforts of neighbors.

However, one hundred years after these events, all who were involved in the original peace efforts have passed on and a new generation controls the country. Führer Grumman passed his position on to Roy Mustang who eventually passed the position to a man with a vision similar to his. In a sudden uprising, the new führer was killed and replaced by the leader of the insurgents. The new führer, Kurt Meyer, restarted the expansion of Amestris and declared war on the surrounding countries of Drachma, Creta, and Aerugo. The Ishbalans have again come under the oppression of the Amerstis army. Due to the mistaken destruction of several trading caravans, Xing ceased nearly all trading with Amestris.

There were many who disapproved of Führer Meyer’s plans for taking over the surrounding countries. Some defected from the military in order to escape to Xing and safety. Some tried to lead a semi-normal life while participating in protests on the side. The vast majority of those who disagreed remained in the army, but joined a resistance movement. This resistance movement worked to take over the military from within and hopefully overthrow Führer Meyer. The resistance leader, James Moltke, was a Brigadier General of Amestris' army. Because of his rank, he saw all the needless deaths caused by the war and decided to create a resistance movement. His goal was to find the best of the best to form a coup d'etat and take out the Führer.

Currently, both Führer Meyer and Brigadier General Moltke are hunting for new recruits. Führer Meyer just wants anybody willing to fight for him. Brigadier General Moltke wants people who will either join the military and fight in secret or those who will join the open rebellion against the Führer. There are, of course, those who wish to have no part in the war and continue to live life as normal. There are also the resident of the countries of Drachma, Creta, Xing, and Aerugo and the Ishbalans. There are many sides to the war and only you can decide what will happen.



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