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AA Username: quater
Picture: Ace Dreamz DuRaRaRa!.444526
Name: Ace D. Dreamz
Alias/Nicknames: Hearthrob~
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weight: 195 pounds
Height: 6 feet
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Race: Amestris
Alliance: Resistance
Job: Weapons expert
Power/Weapon: Specializes in Iron refining and explosive Alchemy
Personality: He does not take life seriously at all. He doesn't even fully recognize that important things matter. As such on a day to day basis he goes without the necessities. He then whines to those around him. He is a child. But he knows how to have fun.
Physical Description: He has a scar below his left eye. It is something he did to himself because his childhood hero has it.
History: He had a very plain and relaxed history. He spent his summers enjoying sports and activities with his neighborhood kids. Overtime he became quite enthralled with women, sadly, any women he could find suited his fancy. He excelled at Science and Math, and over time it was shown he understood alchemy on an intrinsic level. He was placed under the care of a great alchemist who did his best to train him, however, Ace stuck with weapons alchemy. His goal is to create perfect weaponry.
Other: He comes from an extensively large and rich family and is very thankful to know them. As such any insult that could be taken against his proud family history, the Dreamz, will not be taken lightly. Or against his weaponry.

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