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Post by Yoyo on Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:51 am

AA Username: Yoyo
Rei Kimura E245
Name: Rei Kimura
Alias/Nicknames: none
Age: 21
Gender: female
Weight: 130 lbs. (140 with automail)
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Shoulder length, white
Eyes: Red
Race: Part-Ishvalan, part-Amestrian
Alliance: Civilian
Job: Book store owner
Power/Weapon: Alchemy - specializes in lightning
Personality: She is usually calm and straightforward with a knack for being brutally honest. She hates war and fighting, but will fight to protect those she cares about. She sometimes breaks her calm exterior to reveal a happy-go-lucky side that sometimes gets her into trouble, but it is difficult to break her out of her shell. She adores reading, fiction books in particular.
Physical Description: Her left arm is automail with a lightning transmutation circle etched into several different points within its workings as well as one placed prominently her shoulder and back of her hand. She has a simple transmutation circle for basic alchemy on the palm of her automatil. She wears a flesh-colored glove over it to hide it. She likes to wear trench coats, boots, and black, even in warm weather. Her smile is usually lopsided to an extent, making it look like she is smirking instead of smiling.
History: Her father was from Amestris and her mother was an Ishvalan. They met during the time of peace that existed before the current fuhrer came to power. Rei's hair and eyes are from her mother, her pale skin is from her father. When she was sixteen, she lost her arm in a car accident which was replaced with the automail she now has. She began studying alchemy at an early age. When she got automail, she discovered that she could direct alchemy-created lightning in any direction she wanted using the automail and became very skilled at it. She remained a normal citizen and works at the book store she owns in Central, hoping to just live a peaceful life.
Other: Her parents are both living but live on the other side of the country near Ishval. Her mother's family fights to protect Ishval from Amestris; her father's family is not involved in the fighting, but sides with Amestris.

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Rei Kimura Empty Re: Rei Kimura

Post by Yoyo on Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:19 pm

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.::Rei Kimura

Ace Dreamz
A friend whose ability to annoy Rei has only increased with time. They know each other, though when or where is yet unexplained.

Rei taught Des the basics of alchemy. He shot her in the shoulder when she tried to stop him from killing an enemy. She rescued him from Resistance members only to be dragged north on a mission to retrieve some sort of government papers. Their opposing views on the value of life cause them to butt heads constantly.

Rei and Dwyrin get along in most areas of life, books in particular; the only exceptions seem to be when the Resistance and military are concerned. Over the course of events, they have become, to an extent, friends.

Emi has purchased a book on ice alchemy. Their relationship is not very deep.

Toshii Nikota
Tosh stays with Rei when she is in Central. Rei wants to know more about Tosh's strange alchemic sword but has been unable to discuss it much with her.

Will Hawthorne
Will stays with Rei when he is in Central. He has come to trust and confide in Rei. She is helping him raise a supposedly-extinct bird and teaching him how to fight offensively with his alchemy. They treat each other like siblings.




Rei and Amelia have not met.

Eltore Machiovelli
Eltore and Rei have met once; it was simply an odd meeting, nothing more.

Fang Anderos
Fang was like a whirlwind in Rei's life; appearing, causing some chaos, and then vanishing. (deceased)

Rei and Joseph have not met.

Kairo Sasora
Rei and Kairo have not met.

Keixth Chien
Rei and Keixth have no real relationship to speak of.

Kinai Takai
Kinai and Rei have had a rocky relationship. They have not gotten along, but they have not caused each other real harm.

Kotaro Kuya
Rei and Kotaro have no real relationship to speak of.

Rei and Resha have no real relationship to speak of.

Zane and Rei have met on a few occasions and, while not enemies, aren't exactly friends, either.

Zayden Rebel
Rei is somewhat comfortable around Zayden, despite being in the military. This is probably due to his age.

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