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Post by Seto on Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:35 pm

AA Username: Seto
Picture:Seto von Stark 727k7a
Name:Seto von Stark
Alias/Nicknames:The Raging Alchemist, Rage.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weight: 143 lbs
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Black, White streaks
Eyes: Blue naturally, White when enraged, endangered or threatened.
Race: Amestris
Alliance: Military
Job: State Alchemist, Captain rank.
Power/Weapon: The ability to create weapons, dramatic change in weather, tsunamis, anything H2O related, really. Basic transmutations, can easily control water without circles. Weakness is ice-cold weather conditions, as his water tends to freeze before it can be used as an advantage.
Personality: Quiet, funny, brave. At times, he can become a whole other person, depending on the circumstances.
Physical Description: Automail left arm, was lost in conflict with Resistance fighters. Some have reported Seto bumping into poles and walls at random times, probable cause of trauma and dizziness from getting used to the automail surgery. Others have their own speculations.
History: Seto von Stark was the son of a rich family in Amestris, where he was an ordinary kid who aspired to be a really famous Alchemist of the state, like any other kid. Seto was involved in a tragedy where a train on its way back to Amestris from Xing was de-railed by unknown causes and everybody was killed except for Seto and his little brother, Jin. At age 11, Seto had learned some transmutations and managed to create a protective barrier around his brother and himself before the train had plummeted to the bottom of the bridge it had de-railed over. Since then, Seto had been taking care of his brother and himself in the streets, transmuting edible objects and living off garbage and leftovers. Six years later, Seto was found with potential by a State Alchemist and was given the choice to become an Alchemist of the State. Seto wasn't sure of this decision, but Jin, who was now 11, told him that they would live much better lives if he were to become an Alchemist. Seto made his choice and joined the military with his title, The Aquatic Alchemist. After training, Seto became a strong willed Alchemist and wanted to start missions, so his first mission was to go to Ishval and investigate the disappearance of a fellow Alchemist. He was excited at the fact that he was going off on his own mission. When he arrived with other soldiers from Central, he was ambushed by Resistance fighters and was blown away by an exploding vehicle, which resulted in losing his arm. After the painful surgeries he was put through to get an automail prosthetic left arm, Seto was placed in a coma by the stress and pain of his new mechanical arm, and was sent the Hospital to recover and rest. While Seto was under his deep sleep, his brother, Jin, wanted revenge on the Resistance fighters. He snuck onto a train that was headed for Ishval and wanted to fight with the troops to avenge his brother's arm. Before the train arrived, the Resistance had rigged the train tracks with explosives. Jin was in the cargo car thinking about how he was going to make his big brother proud by fighting off the Resistance when the train triggered the explosives and was completely demolished and combusted into an inferno of flames. Nobody survived. Seto had woken up from his coma several months after the incident and was informed. He fell into tears and agony, and began to enrage. Utterly broken by the death of his little brother, Seto began controlling every bit of water within a 20 yard radius and used it as a destructive weapon. He had destroyed the entire left wing of the Hospital with high-pressured water from the sinks, water bags, and toilets to engulf the area and then crush it with tremendous pressure. After being suppressed by tranquilizing needles, Seto was placed under personal watch by the Fuhrer for one month until he had somewhat (yeah, right..) calmed down. Calm, but forever changed. Seto now had a certain amount of pain and sadness in his eyes, smiling or not. Wherever he went, his smile would still have anguish and hurt. Due to the unexplainable amount of stress he had been through his whole life, Doctors had diagnosed him with anxiety and prescribed pills to control his anger so he didn't become a weapon of mass destruction. His eyes began changing from his aqua blue to pale white whenever he was angered or threatened. His life would never be the same again. A parent-less, brother-less dog of the military, Seto von Stark now lives his life as The Raging Alchemist of the State. Where his story unfolds, nobody knows...
Other: Family consists of aunts, uncles, cousins, and his grandparents. His friends are his comrades and fellow alchemists, and he really likes coffee. A lot.

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Seto von Stark Empty Re: Seto von Stark

Post by Yoyo on Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:47 pm

Transmutation circles are required 100% of the time.
Also, he is ridiculously powerful if he can mess with the weather. Either focus on just liquid water or water-related weather. Both is just way too much. He gets mad and the ocean attacks; it's unfair really. Razz

(Yay ridiculously late reply...)



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