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Post by SmokeSpecter on Tue May 17, 2011 2:47 pm

AA Username: SmokeSpecter
Name: Erick Montgomery
Alias/Nicknames: N/A
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 6' 3"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Race: Amestrian
Alliance: Military
Job: Military Counter Intelligence.
Power/Weapon: Frost Alchemy, specializing in harnessing the nitrogen in the air to flash freeze things. However given the nature he cannot simply freeze something far away from him. He needs to freeze all of the nitrogen in the air between him and his target, meaning the farther something is away the longer it will take for his alchemy to reach it. He wears a special glove with the transmutation circle on it to more easily use his alchemy. He carries a standard issue sidearm, in the off chance his alchemy fails him.
Personality: Erick has two major aspects to his personality and they vary if he is working or not. If he is on the job he is ruthless to his enemies, treating them with an almost sub-human respect. This ruthlessness was spawned out of desire to prove his worth, and willingness to serve the military. When he is with his friends or not working however he is cheerful, fun loving. He tries hard to keep his work life and social life apart, however, as he does not like to burden those he cares about with his work troubles.
Physical Description: Left leg is auto-mail. He lost it when he finally figured out the method to utilize his alchemy, unknowing on how powerful it would be he tried to flash freeze the air in front of him, instead he froze his left leg solid, and damaged the other. His right leg was saved, but with minor nerve damage leaving it partially numb. His auto-mail has several small canisters of liquid nitrogen in it. His left shoulder has joint damage from when he was injured in the line of duty. The only major downfall is it will start to hurt during heavy and long physical labor, or during a long hand to hand fight. For the most part Erick wears his military uniform, when not he normally wears black leather combat boots, khaki pants, black long-sleeve shirt, and black leather duster.
History: Erick was born in Central City to a wealthy military family. As such Erick was born and raised to serve his nation's military, but not only serve lead as well. Even when he was young Erick's father, a Brigadier General, ensured that Erick was not only educated in academic studies, but military ones as well. Erick was taught tactics, swordplay, and marksmanship. He never truly cared for those studies, however, and spent most of his free time studying alchemy. On his 16 birthday Erick attempted his first transmutation, attempting to turn nitrogen in the air into liquid nitrogen, and then freeze an apple at his feet. He did that and froze his legs, he went unconscious from the pain and awoke two days later. It was then that he was outfitted with auto-mail on his left leg. When he turned 18 his father made sure he was enlisted, then Erick was shipped off to the East to stare at the desert. His unit rarely did more than drills and needless patrols, so he spent his free time continuing his alchemy research. While in the East, he was injured in a dispute with an Ishbalan man. The man, in anger, pushed Erick who then stumbled and fell off a wall, while no serious harm was done, he received underlying joint damage which bothers him to this day. After five years he returned to Central, thanks to his fathers string pulling, to receive a promotion into the counter-intelligence branch of the military. Here he had to prove his worth to his peers, who knew how he received his position. Given his combat training and alchemical abilities Erick was tasked with traveling around the country and rooting out hiding places of Resistance operatives. It is slow work, as they cover their tracks well, but he did by utilizing vicious methods and forcing those who harbor the Resistance to give them up. It was during his work that Erick got his reputation of one who would do whatever it takes to get the job done. Erick spends his days traveling the country attempting to root out Resistance wherever they may hide.
Other: Erick has several contacts in and out of the military in Central and East City, they can help him gather supplies and intelligence in those areas.

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Very nice. Approved.



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